When to build your pole house in the UK

Posted September 07, 2018 05:47:54When it comes to house construction in the country, pole houses are one of the most popular choices.

The UK is home to many pole houses, including ones for rent and those designed for use as a home office or living room.

You can even build your own pole house using the simple tools that you already have at home.

Here are the best pole house construction tips to help you get started.1.

Choose a pole house that will suit your budget2.

Buy it from a local pole house dealer3.

Choose poles that are the right size and weight for your house4.

Install a proper pole house before you start1. 

Choose a pole that will be suitable for your budget.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a pole for your home, and some will be more important than others.

Pole houses are usually bigger and more expensive than your average house.

They usually feature wider windows, more open flooring and longer sides, which can make them an ideal home office.

It’s important to consider the area that you want to use your pole for, too.

A large area that is ideally suited for a pole might be in the middle of a residential area, while a smaller area will be in a rural area.

For example, if you want a pole in the centre of a city, the bigger area could be the edge of a suburban neighbourhood, while the smaller area could have a larger area that’s suitable for a city-centre house.2. 

Find the right pole house to fit your budget and budget needs.

Buying a pole is more expensive in the beginning of a construction project, but it’s much cheaper in the long run.

Once you’ve bought the house, it’s easier to upgrade the building process and it’ll be easier to get all the necessary approvals for your pole.


Install your pole before you get going.

If you have a spare bit of wood, use it as a guide to help guide you.

Use the standard 3/4 inch (25mm) plywood that you usually buy in a shop to build the house.

If you’re going to buy a pole, make sure it’s made from solid wood, too, to prevent damage.


Use a proper set of tools to install your pole’s roof.

When you’re starting a pole construction project with the help of a professional pole mason, you’ll be able to install the roof as you build the home, too!

If the pole is too small to fit under your house, you can simply move it to another pole.

You can also buy a bigger one for use on a longer pole.5. 

Install your pole after you’ve got everything finished.

Most pole houses will take around five months to build.

Before you start, it is always a good idea to get your house built and ready for the winter.

This will help you protect your pole and keep it dry when it’s used in the summer.


Get your house approved by the local authority.

Your local authority will check that the pole you’re building is safe for the area around it.

Then, they’ll get in touch with you to get approval for your project.7.

Install the house once the weather is right.

After you’ve finished building your pole, it will be ready to go and will be able get ready to enjoy your new home in the winter months.8. 

Keep the pole house looking good with a good coat of paint.

Do you like to decorate your pole houses with colourful, decorative accents?

Then make sure to paint them a bright, vibrant colour before you install the house in a suitable climate.


Build a fire.

Building a fire in a pole can be a great way to keep your house safe during the winter and keep you warm during the summer, too – the fire should last for a minimum of two years.10.

Make sure your home is suitable for winter weather.

Some pole houses come with an extension of wood or insulation around the house that can help keep the house warm and dry.


Build the house with your best friend!

A lot of pole houses have a dog and/or cat in them, so it’s important that you have an animal friendly house.