‘Hemp House’ Construction Project Gets $3.5 Million in State Funding

Construction is about to begin on the first hemp house in the U.S., a construction project that is set to receive $3 million in state funding.

The project is being funded by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and was funded by a $3,300 grant from the U,S.

Department of Justice.

It is part of the State Farm Family of Companies hemp house program.

In addition to the $3 mln in state money, the program will be using $400,000 in federal funds to purchase equipment and equipment parts, according to a news release.

The hemp house will be located at the end of a strip mall near the intersection of NE and NE 35th Street.

It will be a temporary home for farmers who grow and use hemp for industrial and commercial purposes.

It would be built in a similar way to the one in Oregon, but with the addition of hemp fiber and the use of hemp-based materials, including cement.

The state will purchase the building materials and equipment necessary to build the home, the news release said.

The home is expected to open by the end “mid-summer,” the release said, and would have a three-story structure with an estimated gross floor area of roughly 2,200 square feet.

The house will have “no interior walls,” and will be built with a “bio-fabric” construction, it said.

It will be the first of its kind in the nation, said Chris Mowat, executive director of the Oregon Hemp Association.

It’s important to note that the construction will not be a one-off, Mowats said.

It’s a continuation of work already underway in the state.

In Oregon, hemp farming is legal.

It was legalized by voters in 1994.

In November, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill to allow hemp farming and hemp cultivation in the Statehouse, but it was vetoed by Gov.

Kate Brown.

In a statement, Brown said she will continue to work with other state lawmakers and will work with the legislature to find a way forward to allow the use and cultivation of hemp for commercial purposes, which are allowed under state law.