When the bat house fell into the ground – what does it mean for cricket?

We’re now a month into the first Test between England and India and while there have been some remarkable moments of cricket in the first couple of days of play, there has been some very notable missed opportunities.

There was a couple of clear errors that the batsmen made that saw the scores of the two teams get out of hand.

England had lost both the first innings and the second when they lost their wicketkeeper.

They were looking to have a second wicket in the 15th over when Virat Kohli and Virat Sharma went down for a catch at midwicket.

Kohli then went down with the pitch, which meant they couldn’t score a run, while Sharma had the pitch under control.

The English were in desperate need of a wicket, so Kohli went to take the wicket to hand and when he did that, the batsman got a little caught on his feet and landed on the pitch and the wickets were awarded to India.

It was a very poor call, which was the case all over the pitch.

But it’s an important moment for England, as it means they are on the back foot and have a real chance of getting another win.

The other error that England were trying to make was when Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan went down in the second over of the first over of this Test.

Both the bats were on the same side and India were trying their luck to get their runs on, but both the bats had caught on the pitches and were trying desperately to get it over the line.

The first wicket fell to Dhawan who scored a boundary, but it was only a single, so he had to go down.

This was one of those moments where you can see how much India were struggling, and they just got caught in the act and got their runs, but they were unable to score a single run.

So it was an unfortunate call from the English.

And that was the only one.

The second wickets that India got off were the first one they have conceded all day.

This is the first time England have conceded a second and third wicket as they haven’t done so in this series.

They have lost their fourth wicket for 6.1 and that is an alarming number.

It is also a little surprising that they didn’t score another run in the third over of play.

There are some nice, quick spells, but that was not the case.

Both teams have conceded three and four wickets to India all day, but not a single wicket has been scored.

The third over was the very first of the day and it was a really important one for England.

The pitch is good, and it is good for them, but England have struggled to get runs on it, especially in the last 10 overs.

There has been a big difference in batting performance.

The last two Tests have seen England batting very well, with a total of 12 wickets being scored in those games.

India have only had five wickets scored in their last three Tests, so there is a lot to be proud of.

England have also lost their captain, who is still playing at an incredible level, but there was no sign of that in this game.

They are looking very much like the team that won the Ashes in 2017, which is really pleasing.

And it is very encouraging to see them looking like that.

We know what kind of team they are, but we need to see more of that.

England were also playing very well.

The bowlers were good, especially Yuvraj Singh, and there was a good pace to their bowling.

They had a few good spells of bowling as well.

It looked like a good day for them in the middle overs.

The one thing we know is that they are going to have to keep working hard to get the job done and that will be their challenge.

It wasn’t a very comfortable Test at the start, but then England got some momentum and took the lead early in the game, so it was good to see the bats take control of the game.

The score of that first over was 31-run India and England have not managed to score more than 35 runs since they beat India in the Champions Trophy final.

They haven’t scored more than 26 runs in any of their previous four Tests.

The match was very tight, but the score was not that high and that’s what they needed.

India were just starting to take control, so the pace they have got will be crucial.

We need to be very careful with the pace in this match, as we don’t want to give them a lot of opportunities.

The final session was not as intense as the first, but India had to take a few wickets in the 20th over of a session, but at the end of that session, they were not in control and they bowled some beautiful shots to take back the lead.

The only way that England can take that momentum back is