The first passive house construction process in Maharashtra

A man in a remote village in Maharashtra has started construction of a passive house that will enable people to get rid of old and infirm belongings in their homes.

The house will be constructed using an old wooden structure, which can be dismantled and reused, by the villagers.

A farmer from the village is in charge of the construction of the house.

“We are using old wooden structures in the house, and we will be able to reuse them after construction.

We are building the house in two phases, and it is expected that the house will cost around Rs 2 crore,” the farmer told Firstpost.

The first phase of the project is to construct a house that is constructed on a hill, with a roof of about 1 metre by 6 metre.

The villagers of Jogar village, about 300 km from Kutch, in Maharashtra state, are trying to reduce the number of old items in their houses and get rid off them by building houses on a plateau.

The village’s villagers have already spent around Rs 3,000 for the building of the houses, but they have started construction as soon as the government’s funding for building projects is available.

The project is being undertaken with a help of local government officials and private investors.

The village is being funded by the Centre for the Urban Development (CUD) under the project ‘Cultivating Passive Housing’ and has already received funds from the central government.

The villagers, however, are not able to spend the money because they are still collecting donations from their neighbours.

They are still searching for other resources to help them in the construction phase of their house.

“There is a shortage of funds for building houses in rural areas.

This is a way to get around that problem,” said Raman Saini, village head.

The CUD’s Chief Development Officer (CDO) Ramesh Kumar said that the village has been using a traditional method of building a house in the traditional way.

“We are not using any artificial constructions.

We will have to construct the house from scratch with the help of traditional means.

It is not easy, but we have done it before and we can do it again,” he added.

The development team has already constructed a home in the village for the first phase and is now planning to construct another house in its own village.