Construction of new happy house under way in NSW’s south-east

Construction of a new happy home is under way at a property in the southern part of NSW, and it’s hoped the $1.5 billion project will boost tourism and local businesses.

Key points:The new house is being built on the property of an old family friendThe building is being called “Happy House”It’s the first home of its kind in the state, and has been described as “a great win for the community”It will be built by the Lighthouse House Trust and is due to be completed by 2020The Lighthouse house has been a favourite spot for the local community since it was first built in the 1850s.

It was built as a “stay-at-home” house for a young couple who lived at the site.

Today it’s a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The L.H.A.C.

A (Lighthouse House Conservation and Construction Authority) is currently building the house on the former site of the L.J. Smith farmhouse.

The house will be named after a member of the Smith family who lived there.

“We’re trying to do something that we hope will inspire the community to build on it and bring it to the next level,” L. H.

A of NSW president Greg Anderson said.

“It’ll be a great win and a great opportunity for tourism, local businesses and also the local families.”

The house was built in 1850 as a stay-at home for a family of three, who were also known as the Lonesome Lopes.

“The Lonesomes, they were quite a very good-looking couple and they lived at this house until the 1890s,” Mr Anderson said, adding the Lopes were not able to leave the site until the 1950s.

“So they built this house and it was a very well-known spot in the area.”


“Anderson said the Lope house had been used for weddings, birthday parties and funerals and was “a very good example of how people could enjoy living in the community”.”

They were a bit more relaxed than a lot of other houses because they didn’t have so many servants and that was a little bit more comfortable for them,” he said.

The building has been in use for many years, with the old family home having been removed in the 1960s.

However, it was originally constructed to house a member’s family who had been living in Australia.”

They had lived in Australia and they came back here, moved back to this place and started a family here and we have this wonderful family here,” Mr Thompson said.

Mr Anderson said it was hoped the new house would provide a good environment for families to spend time together.”

There’s an interesting element of the family coming here, coming to be together, and they’re looking after each other and having their own house,” he added.

The project is being funded by the Queensland Government.”

I think we’re looking at a very large amount of money to build this house,” Mr H. Anderson said of the project.”

When we get the construction finished and get it up and running, it’ll be great for the people of this state.