When a green house construction site becomes a greenhouse farm

A construction site has been deemed green for a project after being deemed green by a state agency, according to a new report.

Green house construction is a type of construction that uses a structure that is constructed of renewable materials such as wind and solar energy, with the goal of increasing the amount of solar energy available to the building and increasing the area where the building is located.

The project is a good fit for green houses because the solar energy is used to create electricity for the buildings electrical system.

The Green House Construction and Development Agency, an independent federal agency, said it found the building had been greened in five instances, including the Green House in New York City.

The report says there are two major requirements for a green building project to qualify for green house certification: 1) The project meets or exceeds a standard of sustainability, and 2) the project is at least one year old.

It also says the building meets or surpasses an overall energy efficiency standard.

The agency did not provide an estimate for the cost of certifying the building, or any other criteria that might need to be met for certification.