How a House Built in a Cornfield by a Corn Farmer for $12,000 will pay off in less than two years

A farmhouse built in a cornfield in southwest Texas will pay $12 million in construction loans after the land was sold in 2017.

The Texas House passed the bill, which includes financing to the builder, in March.

The land was acquired by a Texas farmer who used the land for a trailer park.

The owner of the farm has since moved to another state and has since filed for bankruptcy.

The buyer used the money to build a chicken house for $13,000 and a house that is expected to pay off.

The $12.2 million house is one of several houses that are part of the property, which was acquired in 2012 and was used for livestock storage.

The chicken house will be the first one built in Texas since the property was sold.

A house for goats was built last year.