How to build a home on a 5-acre field

The story behind the building of a home from scratch on a property that sits along a forested farm has captured the imaginations of a few.

It’s the story of the bat house project, a project to build an artificial-turf greenhouse on a 4-acre site in the rural area of Cessnock, New South Wales, that was approved by the Federal Government.

The bat house is a collaboration between the Victorian government and the National Farmers’ Federation, which will construct the home and its solar panels.

The project was announced by Agriculture Minister John Kaye and the Victorian Government at the Victorian State Agricultural Council meeting in Melbourne.

Mr Kaye said the bat-house project would be the first ever of its kind in Australia.

“It is an example of a project that has a proven track record of getting the project done on time, in a timely manner, in terms of costs, and delivering on the environmental impact,” he said.

“I think it is a real model of what we can achieve in a regional area.”

“I can’t say enough about the Victorian Agriculture Minister for his enthusiasm, for his willingness to engage with the Federal government, and for the fact that he understands this is a critical part of his portfolio.”

The bat-houses project has been developed over the last six years and has been approved by a Federal Court.

The project is expected to generate more than $1 million for the Victorian Department of Agriculture.

In 2014, the Victorian Farmers’ Union (VFA) and the VFA NSW chapter collaborated on the construction of a similar bat house for the Catskill Mountains.

The Victorian Government will pay the costs of the bats house, which was built using a combination of prefabricated structures, timber, cement, and electricity.

The Federal Government approved the bat home project last year.