A Home Built For The Money

A new home is built for the money, if you can find it.

The first home of its kind in the United States to be built for $1 million or more.

A home built for more than $100,000.

An eight-bedroom house.

An 11-bedroom home.

All for less than $150,000, which is how much a home like this was priced in San Francisco.

Built in the late 1800s, the home, called the Bancroft House, is one of only a handful of examples of a mansion built for less money.

It’s been sold in recent years to buyers who would make far less than what a typical San Francisco mansion would cost to build.

Built for less-than-$150,0000.

A typical San Franciscan mansion would run $1,000 million.

The Bancropft House was sold in 2015 for $350,000 more than it was built for.

Built by the wealthy Charles Bancrotts of Brooklyn, New York, the mansion was built to hold eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, and has an 18,000 square foot home-like layout with an open floor plan.

It was purchased by the Bylaws of the B.A.S.H. foundation in 1999 for $950,000 and sold in 2010 for $750,000 less than the $1.8 million that the Banca Bancronte Foundation had paid for it.

“It was just a perfect house,” says Richard Bancrodts, who purchased the BANCropft in 2014.

“I was interested in real estate, but I didn’t know how much money it was worth.”

Richard Bylawt, who bought the BACropft for $550,000 in 2010, says that when he saw the price, he thought it was a joke.

“When I saw the real price, it was just so much money,” he says.

He and his wife, Jennifer, have been raising their four children, who have been living with their parents in the Baccroft house since 2010.

“We are very proud of the house, and we will continue to build it for the children and grandchildren,” says Jennifer.

The current owner, Bancroo, bought the home in 2016 for $250,000 or $100 more than the original purchase price.

“The Bancrollts are incredibly generous,” says Bancros family attorney, Tom Bancrecht.

“Their generosity is beyond measure.”

The BANCroft family, however, has been trying to build another house, one that can accommodate all their needs.

“They have a tremendous sense of entitlement,” says Nancy Bancroth, a co-owner of the home and an attorney for the Bacropft foundation.

For more information, check out the website.”

There’s no way we could do it for more money, but we really feel like it’s worth it.”

For more information, check out the website.