The bat house has been constructed in Bat House Road, Jalan Tunara

Construction of the bat house in Bat Houses Road, a sprawling development near Jalan Taluk, has started.

Construction of the Bat House in Bathouses Road, near Jang Jalan Jalan, was completed last year after a long time.

The Bat House is expected to be completed by June, said Datuk Dr Ahmad Mohd Zahid, director general of the National Capital Development Authority (NCDA).

The construction of the structure is expected at a cost of RM15 million, which is being financed by the State government.

The Bat House, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people, is set to house two buildings and houses a school and gymnasium.

Dr Zahid said the NCDC was not yet finalising the budget for the construction of Bat House.

“We are awaiting the finalised project budget from the NCDAs office and we are also going to consult with the owners of the property to get the details,” he said.

He said the project was expected to cost about RM3 million.

“We have been advised to consult on the finalising budget for construction of this project.

The construction of all the buildings is expected in six months,” he added.