A birdhouse is under construction in the Netherlands

An indoor-outdoor birdhouse has been built in the country’s capital, Rotterdam, for residents of the city’s sprawling residential district.

The birdhouse, which was built by the Dutch architectural firm Brouwer+Soule Architects, is designed for people living in a building, such as a house, and for birdwatchers, birders, or photographers, according to the firm’s website.

A typical house has three levels, with the lowest level being a single-storey structure.

Birds can be seen perched on top of the structure.

The new house, called the Bündelbird House, is a two-storeys structure that will house the birds, with a bird feeder, bird feeders, birdfeeders, a water pump, and a large pond.

The house is expected to open in 2017.

The birdhouse also contains a toilet and is covered with glass panels, the firm said.

The Büntelbird house is part of a new trend of bird houses in Europe, according for instance to Birdhouse International.

This new trend has seen many birdhouses built for outdoor use, with several examples from Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The Bünderland House in Germany is a birdhouse built on top a hill, with waterfalls on both sides.

The Birdhouse in Spain is a one-storeyl structure designed for a house.