‘Highly anticipated’ house plans ‘highly anticipated’ in Auckland housebuilding industry

The building industry is expecting a boost to construction and construction activity with the completion of the Auckland CBD High-Resolution Architecture (HRA) project.

Auckland Housing, the Auckland Council and the Department of Conservation and Planning (DOC) said the project would allow for “much more” house building.HRA is an ambitious scheme to bring high-resolution, digitally-based planning and development to Auckland.

It will allow developers to create and manage buildings that have a wider range of residential uses and will be more flexible and adaptable to different uses.

“The high-resolume architecture will allow for more flexibility in building projects, with a more focused and predictable set of requirements and the ability to build more quickly than ever before,” DOC spokesperson Mark Tait said.

“It will also help the sector become more efficient and efficient in managing its assets, and more responsive to the needs of tenants, residents and businesses.”

The council’s chief executive, Mark Taylor, said the plans were “highly anticipated” in the industry and welcomed the work being done to improve the efficiency of the industry.

“We have seen a huge boost in the number of applications, with the number we’ve received in Auckland up by almost 40 per cent in just over two years,” he said.”[We] are working with the city to build the new high-rise towers and will look to get these projects built on time and on budget.”

Mr Taylor said the new scheme would help Auckland become a world-leading city for high-rises.

“This is a project that will have the biggest impact for the future of Auckland,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“And it’s a project we believe will drive more growth and employment in Auckland.”

The project is part of the City of Auckland’s new “Projection Hub” initiative, a series of projects that are being developed to address the challenges facing the Auckland region, including housing affordability and the Auckland Transport Strategy.”HRA will be an important step in this process, as it will see the city become a centre for highrise building in New Zealand,” Mr Taylor said.

The project will create more than 3,000 jobs and create at least 1,200 jobs directly through the construction sector, the council said.