Tree house construction in Limerick, Limerick city to be finished by November 2019

Tree houses, a popular urban construction method, are expected to be completed in Limington and the city’s inner north by November 2018.

The City of Limerick (CLL) has issued a green light to construction on three of its seven properties, with the rest expected to start work by the end of this year.

The CLL says it has received an application from a local company for the construction of three tree houses in the city, with further construction expected to begin by the year-end.

The company is looking to start construction on the site at the beginning of 2020.

The site was originally built in 1894 as a home for a soldier’s family and the house was sold in 2003.

In December 2016, a group of residents staged a protest to prevent construction work going ahead at the site.

The construction of the new homes, in the inner city, is the latest in a series of major improvements to the area since the county was granted the right to build on the land in 2008.

The city council has been considering whether to go ahead with the development for two years, which would see a total of 23 homes built on the property.

The two remaining properties on the proposed development, the former Dingle Estate and the new Londonderry Estate, have not been selected for the new development, with plans to construct a fourth site being explored.

The council’s chief executive, Dermot Cogley, said it was “an exciting time for Limerick” and said the county’s population of nearly 4,000 was increasing.

“It is a testament to the work of local residents that we are able to deliver a sustainable urban renewal programme which includes tree houses,” he said.

The three treehouses in Limster are expected be completed by the first half of 2019.

The development was originally slated to be constructed on the Dingle estate but was later moved to the city.

The former Dixie Estate was originally set to be demolished in 2020, but plans were recently revived to restore it.

The other two houses in Limstee will be built on either the Londoyne or London Estate, and will be completed between 2020 and 2021.

Construction of the tree houses will take up a large portion of the CLL’s current budget.

It is estimated that the project will create about 100 new jobs and generate around $100,000 a year in tax revenue for the county.