How to build your own home in the shortest time

You can build a home of your own within the next two to three months, according to a new survey.

The survey of 1,200 small housebuilders across the country found that around a third of respondents said they had already completed the initial planning phase for their home and had begun building their first home.

“This is a real milestone, and it really means that we are seeing some of the first steps in a process that can be a little bit quicker and a little more efficient than it has been in the past,” said Gary Collins, a founder of the Dublin-based company Build-A-Home.

The small house building industry is set to boom with the arrival of the next wave of home buyers who are increasingly looking to downsize, he added.

It is a trend that has been welcomed by a range of businesses and individuals, including builders and homebuilders who are working to make the process as easy as possible.

“We think this is an industry that’s going to grow and will be an important part of our future,” said Michael McGovern, chief executive of Dublin-listed construction company Lumberyard.

“It’s great to see small house builders and builders from all over the country and even internationally coming together to see the future of small house development and building in Ireland.”

As a builder, I’ve always had a passion for small houses and it’s great for me to see a lot of other builders and small house owners getting behind the idea of building their own home.

“McGovern is currently in the process of renovating his home and said the survey was a testament to the quality of the small house market and the ease of the construction process.”

I think it’s a great sign that this industry is going to continue to expand,” he said.

A small house is typically comprised of a two-bedroom house, a three-bedroom or four-bedroom home, plus an additional bedroom.

In the survey, just over one-third of respondents had already built their first house, with around half having already completed some sort of design phase.

The rest had not completed a single house in the last 12 months.”

The fact that almost two-thirds of people are building their homes within the two to four months timeframe is really good news for small house users,” said Collins.”

There’s a lot to learn, but building your own is actually pretty easy, especially if you’re an experienced builder who has built before.

“People are actually building their home in very short order, so I think this represents the first significant sign that the small home market is going through a renaissance.”

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