Senate approves $4.6 billion poultry house construction plan

The Senate voted Monday to approve a $4 billion poultry farm construction plan.

The House approved the plan Monday afternoon and sent it to President Donald Trump’s desk.

The Senate is set to consider the bill again Wednesday, and the House must act on it by then.

The legislation includes a new $500 million federal fund for the National Flood Insurance Program to cover flood damage, but also would include money to help state and local governments.

The bill also includes $1 billion for flood control projects.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady Kevin Patrick BradyHouse passes first major spending bill since taking control in January Trump: ‘There are no winners’ in House GOP conference tax bill ‘I don’t like the way the president treated the American people’ MORE (R-Texas) said the measure is a “great first step.”

The $4,000 per acre fund will help flood victims and homeowners rebuild, and it will allow communities to recover and rebuild before the next flood, he said.

The measure also requires the federal government to take steps to provide flood insurance coverage to 1.4 million people who live in coastal areas of the United States and pay the premium.

The insurance program covers the premiums of more than 16 million Americans who live within 100 miles of the coast.

“I believe this bill is the best first step,” Brady said.

“I know many of the people who would have to pay for this insurance would not have been able to do so without it.

It would allow for a lot of people who had flood insurance to buy their own coverage.”

The House and Senate must pass the legislation before they can take up the Senate bill.

They could take up their bills later this month, or they could wait until at least June to act on their own.

The $1.4 billion fund is meant to help low-income Americans who are eligible for flood insurance and who can’t afford the premiums.

The federal government has previously provided $1,000 for every dollar of insurance that an eligible household qualifies for.

House Democrats have been fighting for flood protection since the end of the government shutdown in October, and they say the money could help low income families in coastal regions.

In response to the bill, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) said it would oppose the bill.

“We do not believe the funding in the bill should be included in the flood insurance program.

The NAM is opposed to any flood insurance funding and is urging the House to reject this legislation,” the group said in a statement.

Republicans have been pushing for flood-proof roads, water-management projects and other infrastructure for the coastal states since Trump took office.

The $4 million fund is part of a larger package of flood relief legislation the House passed last month that included $2 billion for coastal restoration.

Democrats say they are trying to help coastal communities, but Republicans say the legislation is a waste of money and will harm the economy.

Democrats have also been pushing to give a $1-for-every-dollar flood insurance benefit to homeowners.

They argue the bill will hurt the homeowners who get flooded and that many would lose their homes.