What do you know about the construction of the White House?

More than 100 houses are currently under construction in the West Wing, as President Donald Trump prepares to leave office for his first vacation in office.

The first batch of houses are being built by a team of architects and engineers from across the country.

They are being completed by contractors including the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MVAAA), the American Red Cross and several subcontractors.

White House architects include John B. Schmitt, James E. Hohmann and John E. Cone, who were hired by Trump’s transition team in 2016.

Construction on the White Houses new home was already underway before Trump took office.

His predecessor, Barack Obama, had begun work on a large-scale White House renovation in 2013.

The White House was constructed by the government in 1949 as the White Building, which housed the White Senate, White House, U.S. Capitol and White House Diplomatic Reception Center.

The White House has been the focus of presidential tours since President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush visited in 2002.

The building, which had served as a presidential residence since 1949, is scheduled to be torn down in 2021.