Mud house construction: 60 houses built in just two days

It is the story of two houses in a rural area of the north-east of Germany that were built on sandbags and mud.

A day after construction began, one of the houses was completed, with the other not far away.

The construction of the mud house began on February 5, the day before construction was set to begin on the second house.

It is unclear if the two houses are connected.

The mud house is located in the middle of a village, a village which was founded in the 19th century by the German army.

The village was built around the site of the old battlefields, which are now filled with historical buildings.

The village was founded by the Germans in 1868, and its residents are descendants of the soldiers who fought in the first World War.

It is not known if the mud houses will be demolished, as some villagers believe they have been good for the environment, and have a number of natural springs.

The two houses have been used as temporary dwellings for several years.

The villagers are worried about what will happen if the houses are demolished, but they have no idea about the impact that construction would have on the environment.

The second house has a water feature, and is also on a property, but the water source has not been determined.