Why does a bamboo house cost more than a glass one?

The cost of construction in India is increasing rapidly and a huge chunk of that is due to bamboo houses.

A lot of them are made by companies who don’t pay any taxes, but that doesn’t mean that they are cheaper than glass.

But what’s the reason behind the cost difference?

We talked to a number of bamboo house builders who told us that the reason for this difference in price is due mainly to different materials used to make the bamboo.

According to some bamboo house owners, the bamboo used in their homes is often treated with chemicals and fertilizers to help it grow faster.

It is then glued to the building and it is then used to build the house.

Other bamboo houses are made using bamboo sheets and the roofing used is made of bamboo.

The bamboo house industry in India has seen a dramatic increase over the past few years.

According a recent report by a non-profit organisation, there are now more than 6,000 bamboo house construction companies in the country, with over 1,000 factories in the last year.

The industry is booming and as many as 90% of the bamboo houses that are built are owned by non-resident owners.

These companies have access to huge funds, which is why they often build large numbers of houses in the same area.

Many of these companies also build their bamboo houses with bamboo boards that are made from the leaves of bamboo trees.

These boards are then glued and assembled to create the bamboo house.

In India, there is a growing demand for bamboo houses as they are a very affordable option.

According the Bamboo House Federation of India, in 2019, the number of homes constructed with bamboo construction in the world rose from about 12,000 to more than 80,000.

The demand for the houses has also risen significantly in China, which has been growing in popularity.

Bamboo houses have been being sold in the markets in India since 2010.

Bamboo houses are usually made using the bamboo strips that are used to construct the bamboo structure.

Bricks used to cut out the bamboo and then attached to the structure are then used.

This process is called ‘bamboo sheeting’.

The bamboo sheets are then attached using a ‘bend’ or ‘roll’ process to the bamboo construction.

This method can take some time as it involves bending the bamboo in different directions, but the results are usually good.

It also helps to protect the bamboo from insects and debris.

Bamboos are also used in the construction of houses to help protect the structure from rain and to provide a stable base for the house, which also helps in preventing the bamboo roof from collapsing.