Construction on new home to replace old house begins in Chicago

As construction continues on a new home for the elderly in Chicago, it’s also set to become the focus of a series of high-profile court battles.

On Monday, the city will begin a series or trial over the proposed $1.5 million house in Plumb, which is currently the home of the family that owns the house.

The new house will replace a house in a nearby neighborhood that is being demolished.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the family of the house owner is seeking $2.6 million for the house and $400,000 for improvements.

The family has been active in the neighborhood for years, and a number of other homes have been built nearby in recent years.

Plumb has a population of about 20,000, making it the second-most populated section of the city behind the city’s South Side.

The city has long had plans to tear down the house in order to build a new, larger home.

The city has a long history of tearing down buildings to build new houses, but the Plumb family wants to preserve what they have.

Plummer’s attorney, Jason M. Clements, said in a statement that the family believes the building in Plummer will “be a significant asset for generations to come.”

He added that the city is trying to find a way to resolve the lawsuit so the city can get the project moving.

Clements also said that the new home is in the midst of a legal process and that he and the city are in the process of finding an architect for the project.