Which cities are building the most?

As part of Next Big Futures, the tech giant and its partners are launching a new data-driven project, Next Big House, to help cities determine which house building sites are most innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The company is launching a series of free monthly reports that will highlight the most promising projects in each city.

“The goal is to get the conversation going and help cities understand how their projects are impacting the environment,” says Mark DeLuca, Next BIG House’s chief operating officer.

“If we can make it easier to see how a project is progressing, we can then decide where we want to build and where we’re most likely to be successful.”

In the first installment of Next BIG HOUSE, NextBigFuture.com will present a curated list of the most innovative new projects around the country, which will then be aggregated into the Next Big Houses series.

The site will also feature real-time traffic data, the most visited houses in each major metro area, and city-by-city coverage.

“We wanted to build a site that would provide an opportunity for people to connect with our team and ask questions and find out what’s going on,” DeLucas says.

“As we’re looking at a number of cities we are able to identify the projects that are being most impactful and we can use that information to recommend where we should build next.”

For now, NextBH houses are being built in cities around the world, including Austin, San Francisco, Denver, and New York.

For more on NextBigHouse.com, check out the company’s blog.

NextBig houses will not be limited to housing.

The next Big Future series will also include an exploration of how urban sprawl impacts public transportation, the power of community-based solutions, and the impact of climate change.

Next BigFuture.org is available at NextBigfuture.com/nextbighouse, and is powered by the NextBigGen platform.

The NextBig Gen platform was built by Google to make it possible to build, run, and scale applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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