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Construction starts to get underway at the former home of Downton Abbey actor Benedict Cumberbatch in Staple Street, Bournemouth, England, on Wednesday (16 August) ahead of a £3m restoration.

The house was built in the 1800s as a retreat for the actor’s family, which moved to a property in the town of Northumberland, just outside of London, before the family moved to the house in the 1960s.

The building was renovated in recent years to the extent that it can accommodate four bedrooms and four bathrooms, according to local website Bourncherys.com.

The home is currently owned by the National Trust for England and Wales (NTEOW), which has spent £1.6m restoring the building, according the Bournchers.

The restoration includes the addition of a swimming pool, which was added to the property’s existing pool area and the removal of a large wooden fence around the property.

The project has also included the building’s original staircase, which is now being painted black and is flanked by the home’s original doors, according Bourncers website.

The current owners of the house are also renovating the exterior, which will include adding a new glass roof, according a statement from the NTEOW.

The £3.3m renovation includes the demolition of the main entryway and the refurbishment of a staircase.

The NTEOB has also removed the original glass roof over the house’s entrance and will install a new one, it said.