What’s next for the Balloon House?

The balloon house project has become a source of pride for the city of Bhubaneswar.

The project is a joint venture between the city and the Centre for Urban Land Management (CULM), which is a department in the state government.

The balloon houses are constructed of concrete, glass, and steel.

In a bid to ease the burden on construction workers and help them out in the event of any natural disaster, the city has put the project on hold.

“The balloon houses will be completed by June.

We are awaiting the approval of the government.

After that, the project will be handed over to the contractors.

They will build it with their own funds,” said K.J. Sharma, the head of the project management department.

The government is considering an option to award the contract to a private company, Sharma said.

The city is hoping to start construction of the balloon houses by March.