How to Make Tiny House Construction Materials: How to Cut Through the BS of The Pros and Con of DIY construction

In this episode of the DIY-builder podcast, I’ll share with you the basics of DIY-building materials and techniques, and show you how to build a wood house in just five minutes.

What are some of the best DIY-friendly building materials?

What are the best parts of the construction materials list?

These are questions you should ask yourself before you buy. 

What are the most common DIY-related problems?



DIY construction.

How do you get your project finished?

What tools are needed?

What kind of materials?

How do I know what materials I need?

I’ll show you the tools and how to use them, how to make the most out of them, and how you can make your own DIY-curing material.

I’ll also walk you through the construction process, and answer your questions about it.

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The video for this episode is called “Cleaning the Home”.