The Real Deal is the Real Thing: The Inside Story of How I Built the Mighty House That Won the 2016 Miss America Contest

The real deal is the real deal.

It’s a thing.

And it’s good.

It will change the world.

I have a new project in mind.

A big one.

A project that is going to make the world a better place.

The real deal?

The Mighty House that won the 2016 World’s Strongest Woman pageant.

And it is a feat I have not been able to achieve.

In my entire life, I have never competed for the title of the world’s strongest woman.

I never competed in a competition where I didn’t believe I could do better than the men.

I have competed against strong women in all aspects of my life, and the most challenging was competing in a contest where I believed I could beat the strongest women.

So the question remains: what did I do?

I know I did everything I could.

I did what I needed to do.

I trained hard.

I exercised.

I weighed myself every day.

I took supplements.

I didn.

I worked hard.

And I worked until the very end.

I did everything possible to make sure my husband, Mike, and I had the best possible opportunity to compete in this year’s contest.

We are both in our early 50s and we have two young sons.

And Mike has worked hard, too.

He has competed and won.

I’ve competed and lost.

I do not want my family to have to see us go through this.

I want them to know that Mike is the man who won the title.

He is the champion.

Mike’s story is not unusual.

The same is true for most of the men who have come before me.

We are all fighting for our lives.

We’re fighting for the world to know we are strong.

I think we all deserve to be recognized.

I know that.

And while I have worked so hard to get there, there are a lot of other strong women out there who are fighting to get the recognition they deserve.

It’s hard to find strength in numbers.

I am the world champion in this contest.

The world’s Stronggest Woman.

I compete for a chance to win the crown of the strongest woman in the world and to be the champion of the contest.

I could win it all.

I think I can.

I hope I can get it.

And yet, there’s one thing I want to ask you, and that is: What does it mean for me to be a champion?

What does being a champion mean to you?

I am not afraid of any challenge.

I believe in the power of my words.

I’ve been a champion all my life.

I don’t believe that being a winner is a good thing.

I refuse to believe that if I win, it means that I’m the strongest person in the room.

The strongest woman at the table.

The strongest woman on the floor.

I believe that winning is a great accomplishment.

But winning is not enough.

Winning is not even close.

Winning will not give you the same level of confidence and control you would have if you won the crown.

Winning is not about winning.

It is about being willing to fight through the challenges and obstacles in order to win.

It gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Winning does not mean you are a better person.

Winning doesn’t mean you have the best body or the best mind.

Winning only means you are willing to take a risk.

Wining does not even mean you can do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Winning gives you the feeling that you can be the strongest you can.

It allows you to challenge yourself and take risks.

Winners can fight and win.

I can fight, too, and fight hard.

That’s the great thing about being a leader.

You can fight for what you believe in and for what is right.

You don’t need to win to be successful.

It just takes the right mindset and attitude to achieve your dreams.

I want to be known as the champion, not the weakling.

I’m going to keep fighting to be worthy of the title I’ve always wanted.