The GOP’s latest campaign pledge: A house for all

The GOP has released its campaign pledge for 2018.

The document outlines a vision for the nation’s future in which everyone will be able to get a roof over their head, and that everyone will have a job.

The plan calls for the construction of 20 million new homes a year, which would be financed by a $1 trillion infrastructure investment plan.

Trump’s plan is less ambitious, but the GOP’s infrastructure plan also calls for expanding access to high-speed broadband, providing better roads and bridges, and expanding tax credits to low-income Americans.

The party’s plan also would offer $200 billion in federal funding to states for infrastructure, which the RNC’s budget blueprint notes is “one of the most important tools for our economic growth.”

This year, the RNC is also planning to release a blueprint for infrastructure and infrastructure spending.

“While we are in the midst of a major infrastructure rebuilding program, we will also use every tool in our toolbox to make sure we build roads and other infrastructure that will support our future and our workers,” said RNC spokeswoman Katie Walsh.

The GOP will also be calling on states to “build on their existing programs” and create “new and innovative programs that will provide job creation and job training for hardworking Americans.”

The GOP also calls on states “to commit to investing in the future of their cities” by investing in transit, transit upgrades, and “streets and other public spaces to promote walking, bicycling, and walking and biking.”

These programs, Walsh said, are “critical to making cities more accessible to new generations of Americans, as well as to the communities that are already here.”

“It’s not just our infrastructure plan,” she continued.

“It is our future.”