Construction to begin on new home for Plumb house

Plumb House, an eight-story home built in 1927, will be demolished in a $2.5 million project to replace the structure on the northwest corner of Plumb Avenue and Pine Street.

The building, a former warehouse, will stand on its own and will remain vacant, but the state will pay for the demolition of the house, said Mark Doss, the project manager for Plumbs construction firm.

The company has a $25,000 loan for the project.

Construction on the new home began in August, with the first units to be built in the fall of 2020.

The home is on the market for $2,750,000.

The Plumb Houses Historic District Association has offered to provide a historic tax credit for the building.

The nonprofit has been working on the project for a number of years.

“The state of Maryland is offering to provide the historic tax break that we need to complete this historic preservation project,” said Roberta Plumb, the president of the nonprofit.

“The house is a great example of the resilience of the neighborhood and the preservation of this historic neighborhood.”

Plumb House is the last remaining structure in the area that predates the demolition, and the demolition will create a new space for families and community members.

It will be located on the west side of the street from the old Plumbhouse building and will be a mixed-use building with retail space.